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Alumni News

Courtney Z Chow

Berkeley IEOR Graduate Named to Forbes 30-Under-30 List

By Goldie Negelev | December 2, 2022

Berkeley IEOR graduate Courtney Z. Chow (BS IEOR’ 16) joins a different kind of class for 2023: The Forbes 30-under-30. Established ten years ago, the Forbes Under 30 list recognizes…

A Carbon-Neutral Future with Nanavati Low and BIB Technologies

By Goldie Negelev | September 26, 2022

Nanavati Low (B.S. ‘16 IEOR) co-founded BIB Technologies as a way to help businesses and companies scale efficiently and sustainably. In 2018, BIB Technologies launched four mobile utility vehicle models,…

Vishrut Rana

Vishrut Rana (B.S. ’22 IEOR) on Choosing Academia

By Goldie Negelev | July 19, 2022

IEOR sat down with brand new UC Berkeley Alumnus, Vishrut Rana, to discuss his decision to pursue a Ph.D. after graduating from the IEOR department this past Fall. Where will…

Job market placements for this year’s doctoral graduate students

By Goldie Negelev | July 13, 2022

Caleb Bugg Postdoctoral Researcher, Georgia Institute of Technology Anran Hu Hooke Research Fellow, University of Oxford Yusuke Kikuchi Genentech Heyuan Liu Quantitative Researcher, Two Sigma Igor Molybog Assistant Professor, University…

Alumni Spotlight on Osman Akgun (PhD IEOR ’12)

By Goldie Negelev | June 22, 2022

IEOR sat down with Class of 2012 alum, Osman Akgun to discuss all things IEOR. Akgun is a Senior Research Analyst at Bailard, Inc. He was first hired as an…

Humans of Fung: Clément Ruin, MEng ’19 (IEOR)

By Hannah Vinh | August 30, 2021

On growing up in the French Alps, earning an engineering degree at UC Berkeley, and his passion for mentoring

Humans of Fung: Miguel Fernández-Montes Cuberta, MEng ’20 (IEOR)

By Hannah Vinh | August 25, 2021

On his capstone experience and how it influenced his data science career at PayPal.

Pierre-Habté Nouvellon, MEng ’18 (IEOR), on entrepreneurship and remote teaming

By Hannah Vinh | July 1, 2021

MEng students launch a campus-based marketplace

By Hannah Vinh | May 13, 2021

Alum Barry Pasternack Provides Significant Support for Graduate Students

By Keith McAleer | April 19, 2021

Alumnus Dr. Barry Pasternack (PhD IEOR ‘74) has made a significant contribution to the IEOR department’s Graduate Student Support Fund to support graduate students and help recruit the world’s best…