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Message from the Chair

Located in San Francisco Bay Area, California’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley’s IEOR department is uniquely positioned to advance the technologies transforming and fueling the economy and prepare its students for exciting career opportunities. As collecting and processing large amounts of data become easier, the demand for data-driven, automated decision-making is rapidly rising across industries ranging from e-commerce to healthcare, from transportation to energy. Businesses and governments seek to harness data as a way to respond faster to changes in demand and supply, to better manage cost and risk, and to improve efficiency of their operations through data-driven analytics.  With their expertise in optimization, stochastics, and data analytics, IEOR faculty and students craft innovative solutions for business and industry systems, including healthcare, supply chains, energy, finance and risk management. 

Consistent with the industry demand for professionals skilled in data-driven analytics, the IEOR programs have been receiving strong interest from students. In the last five years, enrollments in our graduate and undergraduate programs have more than doubled. We expect this strong growth to continue in the foreseeable future. In order to better position the department to meet the rising demand in our programs, we have recently hired three new faculty members (Professors Pirutinsky, Saha, Udwani) and are in the process of hiring a fourth one this year. Furthermore, we are creating a new professional master's degree program in Analytics with the goal of enrolling 50 students in the Fall of 2022.

In 2020 we have lived and witnessed events highlighting the systemic societal inequalities ranging from economic and health to racial disparities. As the preeminent public higher education institution in a diverse state, we have an important responsibility to ensure access, diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs. Our vision is to grow our programs while ensuring that we provide opportunities to students from all sections of the society and train highly skilled professionals to contribute to a diverse workforce. The IEOR department is committed to recruit students from California’s community colleges and support the College of Engineering’s Pathways to College Program.

Thank you for visiting the IEOR department online. For inquiries, please contact us via email.

Undergraduate admission inquiries:  Ginnie Sadil MS <gsadil@berkeley.edu>
Graduate admission inquiries:  Heather Iwata <hiwata@berkeley.edu>
Alumni network inquiries:  Keith McAleer <kmcaleer@berkeley.edu>
Charitable donations:  Keith McAleer <kmcaleer@berkeley.edu>
Industry partnership inquiries: Keith McAleer <kmcaleer@berkeley.edu>


Go Bears!

Alper Atamturk
Professor and IEOR Department Chair