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Master of Science

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Thursday December 15, 2022

Program Overview

Join the Next Generation of Technology Leaders

Our Master of Science in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (M.S. IEOR) program will prepare you with the latest theory, computational tools, and research methods for a career of discovery in academia or industry. You will learn to innovate in a wide range of domains such as artificial intelligence, high-tech, healthcare, energy, finance, consulting, data science, management, robotics, logistics, human factors.

Group 5

Expand Technical Expertise

The Master of Science program will prepare students with the latest theory, computational tools, and research methods through advanced courses in optimization, modeling, simulation, decision analytics, and service operations.

Group 6

Explore Industry Applications

Through the Master of Science coursework, students innovate in a wide range of domains including artificial intelligence, healthcare, energy, finance, consulting, robotics, logistics, human factors, and management.

Group 8

Unlock Rewarding Careers

Master of Science graduates have broader skill sets and deeper theoretical understanding than undergraduates, leading to interesting careers that entail more responsibility and offer notably higher compensation on average. 

Alumni Profiles

Aummul Baneen Manasawala

Major: M.S. IEOR: What are your post-graduation plans (Grad school, industry, travel, etc.)? Aummul Baneen…

Ross D. Shachter

Associate Professor of Management Science and Engineering, Stanford University

Shir Nehama

BS (‘15), MS (‘16) Senior Quantitative Analyst, Trulia What did you do after graduating Cal?…


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Heather Iwata (MS, MEng, & PhD)