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Visiting Scholars

Academic Visiting Scholar

The IEOR Visiting Scholars Program allows researchers from academia to visit the Department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research at the University of California, Berkeley to develop research projects, collaborate with world-renowned faculty, be part of the world's #1 public university, and be embedded in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, the world's leading innovation hub.

Program Details

  • Scholars can visit for up to one year.
  • Scholars will have access to an office in the department.
  • Scholars must have a research topic that they wish to pursue while at Berkeley.


  • There is a $5,000 department fee + visa fees + a campus fee of $750.

More Information

International Visitors

Industrial Visiting Scholars

For information about how scholars from companies can visit the department, please contact Goldie Negelev, at gnegelev1@berkeley.edu.


Please contact Goldie Negelev, Communications & Development Manager at gnegelev1@berkeley.edu for information about how to apply to be a Visiting Scholar with Berkeley IEOR.

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Goldie Negelev

Goldie Negelev


Goldie manages comprehensive for the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research.