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The application period for Fall 2024 admissions to MS and PhD programs has closed. Fall 2025 admissions information will be available in Summer 2024.

Program Overview

Our PhD program will prepare you with the latest theory, computational tools, and research methods for a career of discovery in academia or industry. You will learn to innovate in a wide range of domains, such as artificial intelligence, high-tech, healthcare, energy, finance, consulting, data science, management, robotics, logistics, and human factors.

Dear Future Students

Photograph of Ricky HuangMy name is Ricky Huang, and  I am a current PhD student in the IEOR Department here at UC Berkeley. I wanted to share what I love most about Berkeley IEOR and why I believe it is an excellent choice for your studies. I hope you can take a moment to read this letter and perhaps even drop me an email afterward – I'm happy to connect and answer any of your questions!

In my eyes, UC Berkeley is a dynamic campus filled with energy and ideas. It's a place where brilliant concepts and radical opinions coexist, fostering a level of inclusion and diversity that sets it apart from other institutions. The IEOR department stands out within this vibrant environment, offering an experience beyond the ordinary.

Whether it's Professor Adler's interludes about the life of George B. Dantzig (a former Berkeley IEOR Professor and one of the creators of the Simplex Algorithm) or Professor Rhonda Righter’s eye-opening insights into queueing techniques (which engraves “conditioning” into my thinking patterns), every moment in class is a valuable learning experience. IEOR faculty always go above and beyond to support students. For example, most recently, Professor Candace Yano responded to my email at 11:57 pm on a Friday just to address my seemingly trivial questions about a presentation slide.

Looking ahead, after my graduation (still a few years away), I envision taking a role as a research scientist in an industry where I can make a meaningful impact. While I haven't pinpointed the specific industry I'll dive into, the flexibility and wealth of choices at Berkeley IEOR make that uncertainty perfectly okay. The ability to customize minor courses (and even set your own titles) showcases a high degree of flexibility, offering many options tailored to individual preferences and goals.

Addressing the question of why choose Berkeley IEOR over other grad schools, I offer a broader perspective: "A PhD is not just a degree; it is a lifestyle." Berkeley IEOR has become the ideal environment for me to live the life I envisioned, with its supportive atmosphere, an exceptional cohort, supportive mentors, and all the advantages of being part of UC Berkeley and the Bay Area.

Ricky Huang
Current IEOR PhD Student

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Join Innovative Researchers

As a PhD student in IEOR at Berkeley, you work with faculty that are leading experts in their field and become part of a determined cohort of researchers shaping a sustainable, safe, and inclusive future for our world.

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Become Leading Academics

With a PhD in IEOR from Berkeley, you are well poised for successful careers in academia, serving as researchers and professors in various technical departments at some of the finest universities across the world.

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Explore Exciting Careers

As a Berkeley IEOR PhD student, you gain theoretical and computational expertise to become an ideal candidate for innovative firms in domains like finance, healthcare, energy, services, and many more.

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