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Student Organizations

IEOR Grad Student Group Logo

IEOR Graduate Student Group

The purpose of the IEOR Grad Student Group is to enhance sharing, communication and collaboration among graduate students on academic research and professional development in the IEOR Department. The group seeks to provide events which allow for the sharing and open discussion on research ideas, methodologies, software, and offer post-graduation career development to support graduate students in their personal, academic, and research lives.

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Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE)

The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) at Berkeley is the largest industrial engineering student organization on campus. Our mission is to provide Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR) and Operations Research and Management Sciences (ORMS) majors with the opportunity to engage with students, professionals, and alumni. We strive to create an inclusive environment for current and future students, and we focus on supporting one another in terms of academic, social, and career development.


Alpha Pi Mu

We are Alpha Pi Mu, the Industrial Engineering Honor Society and we serve the Industrial Engineering and Operations Research community at UC Berkeley, College of Engineering. Chapters now exist in almost every major university with an accredited industrial and engineering program. There are currently 68 active chapters of the society and a membership of over 38,000 with approximately 600 new members being initiated each year. While academic interests and abilities are required for membership, the society’s overall goals are much broader.

Analytics at Berkeley

Analytics at Berkeley

Analytics @ Berkeley is a student organization with a mission to enhance industry exposure for the students of the Master of Analytics program. We were born out of a vision to establish the program as a feeder to some of the most sought after roles in the field of analytics by engendering relationships with leading global firms operating in the Bay Area and beyond. Our aim is to enable the students to find roles in firms of their choice that fit their career goals the best.

ACOrB logo

Analytics Consulting Organization at Berkeley

Analytics Consulting Organization at Berkeley is a student-led analytics consulting organization at the University of California Berkeley that partners with Berkeley IEOR Analytics Community to recruit ~50 - 80 students who work with various organizations in the Summer Semester. The recruited consultants are students from the IEOR Analytics community who have extensive analytical knowledge in multiple fields, including but not limited to E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Robotics, Finance, Marketing, Oil and Gas, E-Commerce, Construction, Health-Care, and Advertising Tech.

The Organization works with the clients and the consultants, who team up as 3-5 students per project, working 20+ hours per week to deliver a successful project by the end of the project deliverable in the Summer, typically from June to August.