Master of Science

Ranked No. 3 in the Nation

The application period for Fall 2024 admissions to MS and PhD programs has closed. Fall 2025 admissions information will be available in Summer 2024.

How to Apply

Welcome to the "How to Apply" page for the UC Berkeley IEOR Master of Science program. On this page, you will find essential, comprehensive information about how to apply to the Master of Science program in the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley (Berkeley IEOR). 

Information on Application Deadlines, Requirements, and Results:

The GRE is required for IEOR Master of Science and Doctorate applicants

For more information about requirements, fees, and the program, see the IEOR Graduate Student Handbook and the Guide to Graduate Policy.

Please read the Graduate Division web pages on admission requirements and policies. If you received or are a candidate to receive your undergraduate degree from an institution outside the United States, you will need to also read the section on International Applicants.

The application process is entirely electronic. Please do not mail any documents to the IEOR department. Materials mailed to the IEOR department will not be considered in the application review.

An application will only be considered complete and reviewable if all application materials are submitted electronically by the deadline and all letters of recommendation and official test scores have been received and verified. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.