Bud Lyons2

How did studying IEOR impact and shape your career?

My IEOR major at Cal contributed greatly to my acceptance to Stanford Business School. The decision-making skills honed in my IEOR classes, especially in the context of optimizing results, were invaluable for both navigating Stanford’s coursework and advancing my career post-graduation.

Lyons Rugby 1971 2

Favorite memory from your time at Cal?

My favorite memory from Cal was the 1971 University of California rugby team’s tour of Australia and New Zealand. It was a six-week tour during which we played nine games and had a fabulous time.

Favorite memory from your time within the department?

My favorite memory of my time in the IEOR department was a course on mathematical modeling. That course really resonated with me, and I often think back on it.

Can you share a work project or achievement you are particularly proud of?

In 1993, I ventured into the industrial development sector in Northern California and, alongside my partners, merged our firm into what is now Prologis. I participated in our original IPO, and was fortunate enough to be part of a great organization that today is the largest owner of industrial property in the world.

What are some valuable lessons you’ve learned in your professional journey that you’d like to pass on to current IEOR students?

If I were to advise current students, I would encourage further education beyond their undergraduate endeavors. For me, going to business school opened up a whole new world of opportunities. I would also advise students to be open-minded about what future opportunities will be of interest to them. For me I had no preconceived notions on what area I would concentrate on after I got my MBA. Because of that mindset, I was exposed to a wide variety of interesting opportunities. I was fortunate enough to have an interest in commercial real estate, which turned out to be a very rewarding career for me.