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Prof. Paul Grigas Wins INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group Paper Competition

Berkeley IEOR Professor Paul Grigas has been selected as winner of the 2020 INFORMS Junior Faculty Interest Group (JFIG) Paper Competition for his work titled Smart “Predict, then Optimize”, co-authored along with colleague Adam Elmachtoub from Columbia University. Grigas and Elmachtoub were selected for proposing a new prediction and optimization framework, called Smart “Predict, then…

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Hochbaum To Research New Techniques To Enhance Monitoring And Quality Control

IEOR Professor Dorit Hochbaum has just been awarded $400,000 by the National Science Foundation to investigate new techniques aiming to reduce manufacturing costs and enhance quality. Besides reducing costs, applications of the research aim to improve societal welfare with broad applications such as enhancing public health, and detecting spam online. Title: Prediction, quality control and data analysis…

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Burak Kazaz featured in Forbes for work on Wine Futures

IEOR visiting scholar and Syracuse University Professor Burak Kazaz’s research on wine analytics was recently featured in a Forbes. In Kazaz’s paper, Wine Analytics: Fine Wine Pricing and Selection under Weather and Market Uncertainty, he argues that distributors that carefully invest in the wine futures market, “could improve profits as much as 21%.” Most wine distributors today…

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