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IEOR Graduate Students Creates New Exercise App Using Machine Learning

IEOR graduate students Mo Zhou and Yonatan Mintz are addressing exercise commitment issues with a new app that uses machine learning to adjust goals on a daily basis. Each New Year around 20% of Americans vow to lose weight, eat healthier, or exercise more. However, for many, this New Year’s resolution is one of the most difficult to keep. Work, school, and daily…

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Exercising with Cal Fitness

While thousands of fitness apps are available, not much scientific research exists to show if these apps can actually help people achieve their exercise goals. That’s why industrial engineering and operations research Ph.D. students Yonatan Mintz and Mo Zhou, working with professor Anil Aswani, built a mobile health application and enrolled Berkeley staff and students as subjects in an on-campus study.…

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Can fitness apps make us fit?

Right now if you have a smartphone and an interest in living a more active lifestyle there are literally tens of thousands of fitness apps available that can help you track every step, set activity goals, and even play (or compete) with a friend. Surprisingly, despite the popularity and wide range of fitness apps —…

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