Yunduan Lin
Yunduan Lin
Runhuan Xie (1)
Runhuan Xie

We are pleased to announce that Yunduan Lin and Runhan Xie, PhD Candidates in Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) at UC Berkeley, respectively, have been honored with the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) Award. Both recipients have earned excellent ratings and high praise for their impactful teaching and dedication to student success.

Yunduan Lin, reflecting on the award, shared,  “I have served as a GSI in the IEOR department for four semesters, and I am deeply honored to have received the outstanding GSI award. I owe a great deal of gratitude for the guidance and influence of my Ph.D. advisor, Max Shen, and other IEOR professors. Their mentorship has been crucial in shaping my approach to teaching and has provided me with invaluable lessons from their experiences as educators.

Being a GSI has been immensely rewarding for me, as it not only propels me toward an academic career but also deeply resonates with my personal growth journey. Teaching, in my view, is like taking a trip back in time to guide my younger self, full of enthusiasm but lacking experience, through a challenging but rewarding adventure. The most fulfilling part of this journey is witnessing the transformation of my students. Like me in the past, some may begin the course feeling intimidated or frustrated. However, seeing us collectively overcome these challenges and succeed is incredibly gratifying. Together, we made it!”