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IEOR Seminar Series: George Lan, Georgia Tech

TITLE: Uniform Optimality for Convex and Nonconvex Optimization SPEAKER: Guanghui (George) Lan ABSTRACT: The past few years have witnessed growing interest in the development of easily implementable parameter-free first-order methods to facilitate their applications, e.g., in data science and machine learning. In this talk, I will discuss some recent progresses that we made on uniformly…

IEOR Seminar Series: Sami Davies, Simons Institute and UC Berkeley [CANCELLED]

Title: One Partition Approximation All  $ell_p$ Objectives in Correlation Clustering Abstract: Correlation clustering is a natural model arising from community detection problems. A complete graph is given with each edge labeled as either positive or negative; two vertices are connected by a positive edge when they are "similar" and want to being clustered together, while a negative edge indicates vertices…

IEOR Seminar Series: Bento Natura, Georgia Tech

Title: A strongly polynomial algorithm for linear programs with at most two nonzero entries per row or column. Abstract: We give a strongly polynomial algorithm for minimum cost generalized flow, and hence all linear programs with at most two nonzero entries per row, or at most two nonzero entries per column. This provides a next…