Major: M.Eng

IEOR: What are your post-graduation plans (Grad school, industry, travel, etc.)?

Chelsea Yang: Working in an American financial service company

IEOR: What is your favorite IEOR class and why?

Chelsea Yang: Data-x. My first step to machine learning industry, and the course project cooperated with a company really helps me know how to solve an industrial problem by machine learning and attract many companies to interview me during my job search process.

IEOR: What is your favorite Cal memory?

Chelsea Yang: I joined Step, an organization to help people who have a business idea to learn how to push their product to market. It is a ten-week program, and members are from Haas, engineering and law school, my team is using machine learning to predict autoimmune diseases, and we have won the fifth prize in the final competition (out of 25 teams) judged by many big name venture capital companies like GSV, The House Fund and Arrow Capital.

IEOR: What is your advice to younger IEOR students?

Chelsea Yang: Take every opportunity to know more people in cal, they are truly talented, creative and positive. And there are many organization on campus worth to join in.

IEOR: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Chelsea Yang: There are many fantastic classes in other departments, it is definitely worthwhile to take a look at those classes.