BS (‘10)
CEO & Cofounder, Blueboard
What did you do after graduating from Cal?
I started my career in management consulting at Accenture, before realizing that the corporate world wasn’t for me. I still remember how horrified my parents were when I left Accenture to sell solar panels door to door in San Jose. Eventually I started an e-commerce company selling diamonds that was a minor success, and that gave me enough savings to start Blueboard, which is an amazing startup / passion project.

Do you have any advice for current IEOR students?
Take advantage of the fact that you’re a student; people love helping out students because successful people have been in your shoes. Reach out to entrepreneurs that are building companies that you admire. Reach out to technologists that are working on things that fascinate you. Reach out to leaders at companies that inspire you. Saying that you’re a student and asking thoughtful questions can go a long way.

What was your favorite IEOR class and why?
The whole IEOR 190 series was incredible. I loved getting to work on projects with business students. I think if I didn’t take the 190 series I might still be in management consulting today – I’m happy it gave me the guts to go in my own direction and start a company that I was passionate about.