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New ambidextrous robot may redefine the warehouse

Research published in Science Robotics this week announced a new “ambidextrous” robot that could change the fundamentals of warehouse distribution. The robot, developed by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s Laboratory for Automation Science and Engineering features a suction cup gripper on one hand and a parallel-jaw gripper on the other, allowing the robot to choose the most…

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Fast Company features Ken Goldberg’s research on robot grasping

photo ken goldberg

Collaborative Assessment and Feedback Engine Eugene Pang September 5, 2017 While machines continue to reduce much of the drudgery that humans endure, there are still some problems which remain extremely difficult for roboticists and other engineers to solve. Why is it that some technologies such as virtual reality and self-driving cars are becoming a reality, but we still do not have anything…

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