Supply Chain Systems

Research in the supply chain systems explores the effective and efficient production and flow of goods and services in supply chains. Supply chain management is one of the core and influential areas within industrial engineering and operations research, and UC Berkeley IEOR faculty members are some of the world's leading supply chain management experts. Researchers in the department are actively exploring a variety of approaches to integrating and optimizing various operational, tactical, and strategic decisions in large-scale supply chains, and are developing techniques to help managers deal with the uncertainty inherent in the real world.


Philip M. Kaminsky

Professor Emeritus

Robert Leachman

Professor Emeritus

Zuo-Jun "Max" Shen

Professor Emeritus

Rajan Udwani

Assistant Professor

Candace Yano

Distinguished Professor
MS Advisor

Chiwei Yan

Assistant Professor

Selected Publications

Service Region Design for Urban Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems

90. He, L., Mak, H. Y., Rong, Y., & Shen, Z. J. M. (2017). Service region design for urban electric vehicle sharing systems. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

A supply-chain optimization model of the allocation of containerized imports from Asia to the United States

Jula, Payman and Robert C. Leachman, 2011. “A Supply Chain Optimization Model for the Allocation of Containerized Imports from Asia to the United States”,Transportation Research Part E, 47 (5), p. 609-622 (September, 2011). Port_I.pdf

Improving Supply Chain Performance and Managing Risk Under Weather-Related Demand Uncertainty

Frank Youhua Chen, Candace Arai Yano. Improving Supply Chain Performance and Managing Risk Under Weather-Related Demand Uncertainty”Management Science.