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Phil Kaminsky 

Phil Kaminsky received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University in 1989, and his MS and PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management Science from Northwestern University in 1997. Before graduate school, he worked in production engineering and control at Merck in Rahway, New Jersey. Professor Kaminsky is the faculty director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, and director of the Initiative for Research in Biopharmaceutical Operations. He served as department chair of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research in from 2011-2016, and currently serves as Associate Dean for Academic Planning and Development in the College of Engineering.

His primary research interests are broadly focused on the analysis and development of robust and efficient tools and techniques for design, operation, and risk management in logistics systems and supply chains. This encompasses operational issues including the modeling and analysis of production and control systems, as well as more tactical and strategic concerns, including the integration of production, distribution, and pricing strategies, and more broadly the analysis of issues that arise in integrated supply chain management. From a methodological perspective, he is particularly interested in the design and analysis of algorithms to address these problems. He also works on issues related to the healthcare system.

Much of his current work is centered on two main themes: strategic, tactical, and operational issues that arise in the operation of biopharmaceutical firms; and collaborative, sustainable logistics. In addition, other current projects focus on the development of novel flexible algorithms for supply chain optimization, container terminal operations, efficient operation of operating rooms, and quantitative modeling of behavior change for personalized healthcare. His research is or has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Project Production Institute, BioMarin, Bayer, Genentech, Navis, and FICO.


  •  Analysis of integrated supply chain management models
  • Production scheduling
  • Modeling and analysis of production control and logistics
  • Systems, design and analysis of algorithms
  • Integration of production and distribution strategies


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