Ken Goldberg featured on NPR Marketplace Tech on how robots can help with supply chain issues this holiday season

With ongoing shortages of workers, supplies, products and materials, it may be tough for consumers to get their gifts in time for the holiday season. Can new robotic technology developed by Berkeley IEOR and Professor Ken Goldberg help consumers receive their gifts on time?

Ambisort, a robot developed by Ken Goldberg and Ambi Robotics to help make the supply chain more efficient

In an interview on NPR’s Marketplace Tech podcast, Ken Goldberg, IEOR Professor and a co-founder of Ambi Robotics, talked about how his robot called Ambisort has improved robots ability to grasp and sort objects to make the supply chain more efficient. Ken discusses how the robot works and how the robot can supplement but not replace workers by taking care of the more drudgerous part of the work.

“We’ve come a long way in a year. We’ve gotten a lot better at figuring out where to grasp objects, how to scan them with faster scanners, all the arm motions have been sped up. The system is now ready to do the job. And I think what’s going on is that many vendors around the country, they’re all gearing up and trying out new things. This is going to be a big test year for new technologies,” said Ken on Marketplace Tech. “Then, those that work, they’re going to invest very heavily in starting in the spring, so that this will be able to solve these problems continuously in the future.”

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