Fung Feature: Youhee Choi, MEng ’18 (IEOR)

“I’m Youhee Choi, and I was born and raised in Korea. I lived there for 26 years. My background is pretty interesting because I majored in International Studies, worked full-time for three years, and then moved here for my Master’s program in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR). I just moved to Oakland, CA to begin my career.

It’s an interesting story: I was an exchange student in the States and visited my friend at Northwestern, who let me sit in on his IEOR class. I loved it! It made me think, okay, maybe I want to give engineering a try too. Once I went back to Korea, I figured out that my school was actually pretty famous for IEOR, so by the time I graduated, I managed to squeeze in two or three IEOR classes that laid the foundation for me.

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