Fung Feature: Raj Punyaamurthula, MEng ’20 (IEOR) delivers webinar on the future of Data Science

On April 27, Raj Punyaamurthula, an IEOR MEng student participated as a webinar keynote speaker at the International Tech Conclave 2020, organized by IEEE BVM SB, based in Gujarat, India. Other presenters included industry experts from NASA, CERN, Intel, and the IEEE board.

Through his webinar, Raj addressed the topic of ‘Data Science — Trends & Future’, taking the 5000+ audience through the rise of the industry. He also briefly talked about regression and neural networks, and how he felt the curriculum at UC Berkeley has shaped his foundation in the topics.

Besides solving real-world problems through his entrepreneurial ideas, Raj comes with 3 years of experience working in the intersection of product management, business, and analytics. Raj is always passionate about interacting with fellow students and thinks of such opportunities as a mutually beneficial learning process.

The IEOR department congratulates Raj for his successful participation as a keynote speaker! A recording of the webinar can be found here.