UC Berkeley IEOR Students Earn Top Prize in IISE-IAB Video Competition

Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineeers (IISE) at Berkeley’s Industry Advisory Board Video Submission

IEOR students and members of the Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers (IISE) at Berkeley Duncan Barcelona, Maya Sprouse, Samantha Tito and Alexandra Novales, earned first place at the annual IISE Industry Advisory Board YouTube Video Contest. The winning video will be used to promote the industrial and systems engineering profession to high school students, teachers and college counselors.

Project lead, Duncan Barcelona said, “This was an amazing experience that helped us connect despite the remote setting, and I hope that this inspires students to pursue IEOR. A huge thank you to Maya, Sam, and Ally for all their hard work!”

Read more about it in the July 2021 issue of ISE magazine, below.


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