We sat down with junior IEOR student and IISE Co-President, Jonathan Zvi to discuss his experience as part of the European Innovation Academy (EIA), the world’s largest educational entrepreneurship summer program for students. EIA offers an intensive, fast-paced summer learning experience where students learn from venture capitalists, serial entrepreneurs, executives from Silicon Valley, companies, and experts across the globe. EIA Students turn their ideas into startups in just 15 days and earn a SCET Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Technology along the way.

Why did you originally decide to join the European Innovation Academy summer abroad program?

I joined the European Innovation Academy for three main reasons: 1) To get the in Entrepreneurship and Technology the fastest way possible, 2) learn what it takes to create a startup company from scratch, 3) travel abroad to Europe (I had the chance to travel through Europe before the program began and again after the program ended. I saw a lot of countries on my bucket list!).

What was the best part of your experience?

The absolute best part of the program is the people you will meet in Europe. EIA allowed me to meet 60 like-minded Berkeley students; international students from countries worldwide; industry leaders in Tech, Consulting, Law, and VC. It was amazing to develop a relationship with the Berkeley teaching team and the investors attending the pitch competition event at the end of the program. 

What are some of the most important things you learned from the experience?

Everyone takes away unique skills from the program. Every student has a unique journey. The most important things I learned were 1) how to be a leader on an international team and 2) the skills to make a strong pitch in front of investors.

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