Financial Systems Research

Financial engineering concerns the application of analytical, statistical, and computational methods to solve problems in financial economics. It is a multidisciplinary field that draws on tools from applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, and economic theory. Faculty at UC Berkeley IEOR conduct various research projects in credit risk, real options, high-frequency trading, and portfolio management. These research activities have been broadly supported by the National Science Foundation, National Security Agency, and various industry partners including Bloomberg and the NASDAQ OMX educational group. The research team attracts the best quality and highly motivated students, who go through rigorous and deep analytical training in mathematics and statistics, and develop proficiency in hand-on skills such as programming. Over the last decades, they have been aggressively recruited by the top investment banks around the globe as well as high-tech firms including Google and Facebook.


Ilan Adler

Head MEng Advisor

Alper Atamturk

Department Chair

Lee Fleming


Xin Guo

Head Undergraduate Advisor

Zeyu Zheng

Assistant Professor

Selected Publications

Conic Mixed-Integer Rounding Cuts

Alper Atamturk and Vishnu Narayanan. “Conic Mixed-Integer Rounding Cuts”. Mathematical Programming 122, 1-20, 2010.

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Credit Risk Models with Incomplete Information

X. Guo, R. Jarrow, and Y.  Zeng. Credit risk models with incomplete information, (earlier version “Information reduction in credit risk models”,) Mathematics of Operations Research, 34(2): 320-332, 2009.

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