Rob Leachman

After a career spanning over four decades, Berkeley IEOR Professor Robert Leachman has announced his retirement. Professor Leachman’s significant contributions to academia and industry leave a remarkable legacy of research, mentorship, and consulting expertise. As we bid farewell to this influential figure, his pioneering work and exceptional achievements will continue to inspire future generations of students.

Professor Leachman’s research has focused on several crucial areas, including planning and scheduling in semiconductor manufacturing, biopharmaceutical production, economic analysis of import supply chains, and railroad operations and capacity analysis. His research portfolio includes over 50 technical publications and the supervision of 42 PhD dissertations. Leachman is also the president and CEO of Leachman & Associates LLC, a consulting firm renowned for its expertise in operations management and logistics analysis.

In 1995, Professor Leachman was honored with the prestigious Franz Edelman Award by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), recognized as the highest accolade from INFORMS, the award recognized Professor Leachman’s groundbreaking work in the design and implementation of automated production planning systems in the semiconductor industry, which brought about a significant transformation in manufacturing processes. In 2001, he was runner-up in the same competition for his exceptional contributions to automated floor scheduling and cycle time management within the semiconductor industry. In 2021, Leachman received a one million dollar grant to further his research in benchmarking synthetic biology product development, an area reminiscent of his previous benchmarking endeavors in the semiconductor industry. Professor Leachman is a Fellow of INFORMS.

Leachman is also a proud Cal alum, where he received his AB degree in Mathematics and Physics, followed by MS and PhD degrees in Berkeley IEOR. His strong connection to UC Berkeley underscores the foundation of his extensive expertise and acts as a testament to the vibrant community and excellence that defines UC Berkeley.

“Rob Leachman has been the intellectual leader of industrial engineering at Berkeley’s IEOR department for over four decades,” expressed Steven Hackman, one of Professor Leachman’s esteemed PhD students. Steven, who successfully obtained his doctorate from Berkeley IEOR in 1983, has since carved his own path as a professor in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. “Rob has made many fundamental contributions to the field, most notably in his decades-long, award-winning research in optimizing semiconductor manufacturing. He always comes up with original ways to tackle important practical problems and then actually implements his ideas. This is why his research over the years has been so influential. I have very fond memories of our research collaboration and have always been grateful for his help during the early part of my academic career.”

We are fortunate that Professor Leachman’s contributions and influence will endure as he plans to continue to engage with the department and its students as an active emeritus professor. Berkeley IEOR also plans to celebrate Professor Leachman and his lasting impact on the university with a retirement party in the fall – details are forthcoming.

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