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Ph.D. Dissertations - Shmuel S. Oren

On Demand Response in Electricity Markets

Clay Campaigne [2016]

Some Generalizations of The Linear Complementarity Problem

Peng Yi [2016]

Branch-and-Cut for Nonlinear Power Systems Problems

Chen Chen [2015]

Design and Management of Networked Energy and Logistics Systems

Wei Qi [2015]

Improving the Energy Market: Algorithms, Market Implications, and Transmission Switching

Paula Lipka [2015]

Topics in Electricity Market Design

Ruoyang Li [2014]

Flexible Demand Management under Time-Varying Prices

Yong Liang [2013]

Machine Learning Techniques in Nuclear Material Detection, Drug Ranking and Video Tracking

Yan Yang [2013]

Cap-and-Trade Modeling and Analysis: Congested Electricity Market Equilibrium

Tanachai Limpaitoon [2012]

Coupling Renewable Energy Supply with Deferrable Demand

Anthony Papavasiliou [2011]

Flexible Transmission in the Smart Grid

Kory Hedman [2010]

Maximum Loss Portfolio Selection with Lp Norm Elliptical Returns and a Generalization of the Mean-Variance Model

Ismail Ceylan [2009]

An Equilibrium Pricing Model for Weather Derivatives

Yongheon Lee [2008]

The effect of inter-temporal demand interactions on joint pricing and inventory ordering

Mehmet Gumus [2007]

Design and Analysis of Electricity Markets

Ramteen Sioshansi [2007]

Cournot Equilibrium in Two-settlement Electricity Markets: Formulation and Computation

Jian Yao [2006]

Managing Volumetric Risks in Electricity Procurement

Yumi Oum [2006]

Investment Incentives in the U.S. Electricity Transmission System

Enzo Sauma [2005]

Automation of Negotiations in e-Business: Framework, Protocol, and System

Jinbaek Kim [2004]

Pricing the Internet: Theory and Tools

Jun Shu [2003]

Equilibrium Analysis of Forward Markets for Electricity and Reserves

Afzal Siddiqui [2002]

Market Mechanisms in Deregulated Electricity Markets

Rajnish Kamat [2001]

The Multiple Intervention Problem: An Application to Preventing Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Injection Drug Users

Amy Wilson [2000]

Financial Methods in Competitive Electricity Markets

Shijie Deng [1999]

Multi-Unit Auctions with Complementarities: Issues of Efficiency in Electricity Auctions

Wedad Elmaghraby [1998]

On Power System Generation Unit Commitment Problems

Chung-Li Tseng [1996]

Coordination Mechanisms for High-Tech Manufacturing Organizations (HTMOs)

Armando Ugarte [1995]

About Strong Polynomiality of Some Special Classes of Convex Quadratic Programming

Sung-Pil Hong [1993]

Multi-Dimensional Revelation in Auctions for Electric Power Supply

James Bushnell [1993]

Topics in Coordination and Decentralization

Eric Friedman [1993]

Informational Aspects of Decentralized Resource Allocation

Takashi Ishikida [1992]

Interruptible Electric Tariffs with Early Notification Options

Todd Strauss [1992]

An Improved Back Propatation Neural Network Learning Algorithm

Rua-Huan Tsaih [1991]