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Ph.D. Dissertations - Kenneth Y. Goldberg

Optimization and Design for Automation of Brachytherapy Delivery and Learning Robot-Assisted Surgical Sub-Tasks

Animesh Garg [2016]

Models and Algorithms for Crowdsourcing Discovery

Siamak Faridani [2012]

Geometric Models for Collaborative Search and Filtering

Ephrat Bitton [2011]

Planning and Optimization Algorithms for Image-Guided Medical Procedures

Ron Alterovitz [2006]

Algorithms, Models and Metrics for the Design of Workholding using Part Concavities

Kanakasabapathi Gopalakrishnan [2005]

Systems and Algorithms for Collaborative Teleoperation

Dezhen Song [2004]

Optimal Design of Self-Aligning Robot Gripper Jaws

Tao Zhang [2001]