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Submodular Inequalities for the Path Structures of the Capacitated Fixed-Charge Network Flow Problems

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Efficient Algorithms for Markov Random Fields, Isotonic Regression, Graph Fused Lasso, and Image Segmentation

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Binary Conic Quadratic Knapsacks

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Production Planning and Inventory Control in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

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Geometric Models for Collaborative Search and Filtering

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Maximum Loss Portfolio Selection with Lp Norm Elliptical Returns and a Generalization of the Mean-Variance Model

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Graphical Modles for Correlated Defaults

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Implementations of the pseudoflow algorithm for maximum flow, bipartite matching, flows in unit capacity networks, and parametric maximum flow

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Cournot Equilibrium in Two-settlement Electricity Markets: Formulation and Computation

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Investment Incentives in the U.S. Electricity Transmission System

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Designing Capacitated Survivable Networks: Polyhedral Analysis and Algorithms

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Systems and Algorithms for Collaborative Teleoperation

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Automation of Negotiations in e-Business: Framework, Protocol, and System

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Robust Value-at-Risk Optimization Approach for Portfolio Management

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Increasing Airline Operational Control in a Constrained Air Traffic System

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Batch Scheduling for Manufacturing

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Topics in Coordination and Decentralization

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Multi-Dimensional Revelation in Auctions for Electric Power Supply

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