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Ph.D. Dissertations - Dorit S. Hochbaum

Efficient Algorithms for Markov Random Fields, Isotonic Regression, Graph Fused Lasso, and Image Segmentation

Cheng Lu [2017]

Mixed 0-1 conic quadratic optimization: formulations, convex relaxations and algorithms

Andres Gomez Escobar [2017]

Machine Learning Techniques in Nuclear Material Detection, Drug Ranking and Video Tracking

Yan Yang [2013]

Geometric Models for Collaborative Search and Filtering

Ephrat Bitton [2011]

Polymer-Ceramic MEMS Bimorphs as Thermal Infrared Sensors

Xianzhi Wang [2010]

Use and analysis of new optimization techniques for decision theory and data mining

Erick Moreno-Centeno [2010]

Implementations of the pseudoflow algorithm for maximum flow, bipartite matching, flows in unit capacity networks, and parametric maximum flow

Bala Chandran [2007]

Designing Capacitated Survivable Networks: Polyhedral Analysis and Algorithms

Deepak Rajan [2004]

Parallel and Sequential Implementations for the Maximum Flow Problem

Charles Anderson [2002]

Optimization Algorithms for Survivable Network Design Problems

Eli Olinick [1999]

Algorithms and Complexity for Cut and Selection Problems on Graphs

Patricia Anu [1998]

Efficient Algorithms for the Ultimate Pit Limit Problem

Man-Wai Chen [1996]

Batch Scheduling for Manufacturing

Dan Landy [1995]

About Strong Polynomiality of Some Special Classes of Convex Quadratic Programming

Sung-Pil Hong [1993]

Linear Programming over the Algebraic Numbers

Peter Beling [1991]