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Ph.D. Dissertations - Caroles Daganzo

Combining Retrospective Optimization and Gradient Search for Supply Chain Optimization

Stewart Liu [2017]

Optimizing a Retailer's Containerized Import Supply Chain

Evan Davidson [2012]

Decision Making under Uncertainty: Reliability and Incentive Compatibility

Tingting Cui [2010]

Integrated Supply Chain Design Under Uncertainty

Ho Mak [2009]

Adaptive Optimization Models for Infrastructure Management

Pablo Durango [2002]

Design of Large-Scale Logistics Systems for Uncertain Environments

Alan Erera [2000]

Model and Algorithms for the Facility Layout Problem with Emphasis on Supporting Just-in-Time

Mahdi Kamoun [1996]

Fleet Sizing and Empty Equipment Redistribution for Transportation Networks

Yafeng Du [1993]

Modeling and Analysis of Container Storage in Ports

Mounira Taleb-Ibrahimi [1989]