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Currently Hiring: Web Application Developer

Start Date: Flexible depending upon availability

Application Deadline: Rolling basis until position is filled

  • Priority Deadlines: October 1, 2022 and October 14, 2022

Public Impact is a national education management consulting firm, based in Chapel Hill, N.C. Our mission is to improve education dramatically for all students, especially low-income students, students of color, and other students whose needs historically have not been well met. We work with teachers and school and district leaders to implement changes that will help the students they serve, and believe that if we focus on a core set of promising strategies for change, we and our partners and clients can make bold improvements for all students, with long-term financial sustainability and success.

Toward that end, we work on initiatives to:

  • Extend the reach of excellent teaching to all students, through Opportunity Culture, an initiative focused on developing, retaining, and expanding the impact of great teachers and leaders. Multiple third-party studies have shown that students supported by Multi-Classroom Leaders (an Opportunity Culture role) experience far greater academic achievement growth.
  • Use data analysis, research, and curious problem-solving to create other high-impact innovations with educators and clients.
  • Generate new solutions for a range of pre-K–12 public education policy and management issues.

Role: The Web Application Developer will join a small technical team to develop new features and functionality that support Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture consultants in their daily work with 500 schools impacting more than 120,000 students across the United States.

The Web Application Developer’s work will directly improve service quality and efficiency for schools and educators working with Public Impact to redesign their staffing models to reach more students with excellent teaching. 2022-25 plans include building a new platform to scale our work to far more students nationally, and this position will engage with organization leaders in that critical work.

Currently, Opportunity Culture consultants use a Drupal web application, Opportunity Culture School Excellence Portal, in their work with educators, schools, and districts to facilitate work sessions, manage shared working documents, and to monitor progress through dashboards. Internally, these tools drive efficiency and organize data across the initiative for future research efforts.

The work of the Web Application Developer includes the development of new and existing web applications, managing the integration of new web-based products and tools into the existing Portal. This person acts proactively as lead project manager on technical development and maintenance for the Opportunity Culture School Excellence Portal, working in tandem with both a technical team to accomplish feature objectives and with Opportunity Culture consultants to understand their needs as they work directly with schools and educators.

This is a new position; the candidate chosen will have the opportunity to help shape it to support the mission.

Expectations for the Web Application Developer role include:

Role Responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the continuous development of an existing web application using Drupal, including:
  • Technical Implementation:
  • Refine internal and external UX
  • Develop new features to enhance Opportunity Culture consultant effectiveness and lower service costs for schools and districts
  • Contribute to the development of new applications needed as the Opportunity Culture initiative expands
  • Help manage the development infrastructure needed for web projects, including hosting, repos, and deployments
  • Review and improve existing internal systems and development processes.
  • Screen data and information for quality and accuracy
  • Client Communication and Satisfaction:
  • Provide advanced technical support and assistance for Opportunity Culture consultants and clients using the web application
  • Support team members in resolving common issues
  • Assist with internal and external development strategy efforts, including project communication and presentations
  • Produce creative and innovative implementations that meet internal and external stakeholder goals and requirements
  • New Product Development: Contribute to planning and executing the development of a new web-based platform that enables self-guided design and implementation of Opportunity Culture models
  • Research existing applications that could be part of this new platform
  • Contribute to creating the plan for the new platform’s function
  • Contribute to the development of the new platform
  • Organize and analyze information stored in a database into useful forms for Opportunity Culture consultants and clients
  • Integrate internal and external tools to promote team-wide efficiency and enable future research efforts on Opportunity Culture effectiveness
  • Share knowledge and train other technical team members to increase impact and scope with efficiency over time
  • Other activities:
  • Gain exposure to a wide variety of national education reform issues and organizations
  • Participate as team member on flexible client/colleague project teams to do all of the above

Technical Qualifications:

  • BA or BS; Associates degree or other training in relevant area
  • Basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency
  • Experience with APIs/integrations
  • Experience using Git to manage development and deployment in a team-setting
  • Ability to communicate technical ideas to a wide range of audiences with varying levels of technical experience
  • Experience with Google Docs, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, and project management systems.
  • Preferred: Drupal 7/8/9 with an emphasis on site building (planning and setting up content types, views, rules, and themes) strongly preferred, but demonstrated proficiency with other frameworks (particularly those that are database-centric) and an eagerness to learn Drupal in a supportive environment encouraged!

Leadership, Team, and Interpersonal Skills:

  • Impact Orientation: acts deliberately based on cost-benefit analysis, with a bias towards positive impacts on students and teachers
  • Innovative: resolves complex demands by analyzing the issues and context from multiple perspectives, identifying possible solutions, weighing the pros and cons of each, and planning to implement the best approach
  • Teamwork: ability to act as supportive team member, follow through on work responsibly and in a timely manner
  • Analytical/Critical Thinking: ability to interpret data with unbiased, critical thinking
  • Communication: ability to communicate clearly in writing, pleasantly in person
  • Quality Focus: willingness to give and receive significant feedback to produce first-rate work
  • Flexibility: ability to juggle multiple projects and do what it takes to accomplish tasks
  • Initiative and Tenacity: ideal candidate will have record of starting something new, succeeding despite barriers, improving own and/or others’ work (academic, volunteer, etc.)
  • Creative, flexible thinker who enjoys learning new tools to develop helpful ways to address tough, persistent problems
  • Interest in mission-centered work, policy, education, or management/leadership a plus
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice shown through volunteering or work a plus

Location: Work from home in approved U.S. states. Most team members currently live in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C. area, or in the Charlotte, N.C. area.

Total Target Starting Pay Range: $68,750 – $95,150, includes:

  • Base salary of $62,500 – $86,500 (commensurate with technical qualifications and experience)
  • Average 9-10% firmwide annual bonus
  • All pay set using Raleigh-area rates

Position Classification: Full-time; Exempt.

TO APPLY: Please complete the online application and attach the following:

  1. Resumé, highlighting your relevant skills and experiences related to the responsibilities and qualifications outlined in the job description above.
  2. Cover letter, including a description of why you are interested in working at Public Impact.