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We are seeking PhD and Postdoc Researchers to join our growing team of talented and collaborative researchers, engineers and finance professionals in San Francisco. We’re using ideas across multiple disciplines: computer science, machine learning, statistics and biostatistics including survival analysis, supervised learning, natural language processing, imbalanced data, feature extraction and selection and many other areas.

What you’ll do

  • You’ll investigate data, construct a hypothesis, and think deeply about the results. After several iterations, you will discover something new. Instead of writing a paper, you will actually apply your ideas in the real world and see them working.
  • You’ll work carefully, motivated more about analysis being correct then achieving a p-value below 0.05.
  • You’ll collaborate closely with a group of research and finance colleagues with a variety of backgrounds in a process of scientific inquiry.
  • By honestly and openly reviewing others’ work, and having your work reviewed by them, you’ll be a guardian of the research process at Theorem.
  • Your research will contribute to our rapidly growing business, and enable us to fulfill our mission: making credit more safe and more available.
  • You’ll learn a tremendous amount about the credit markets, unsecured consumer lending, and marketplace lending platforms.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to learn about business strategy and execution, platform partnerships, investment portfolio construction, research and engineering collaboration and many other operational areas.
  • Your intellectual curiosity and hard work will be welcome contributions to our culture of knowledge sharing, transparency, and shared fun and achievement.

What you bring to the table

  • You’re completing a PhD or are a Postdoc in statistics, math, computer science, physics, or heavily data-driven fields.
  • You demonstrate a high level of mathematical and statistical literacy, and an intense interest in applying quantitative analysis to do first class research.
  • You should be a good scientist. You need to know when you have something and when you don’t, you cannot be fooled by randomness.
  • You must be comfortable and enjoy working with data. This is the lifeblood of our business, your hypotheses start there and your testing ends there.
  • You’re creative. You will be coming up with original hypotheses to expand and refine our understanding of the world, and a framework to validate them.
  • You must be comfortable writing code. Nobody will be doing it for you. The better you are at it, the more efficiently you can explore the model space and find winning ideas.
  • You communicate deeply technical ideas clearly and cogently to smart and motivated peers from a variety of technical backgrounds.
  • Your research background includes devising novel approaches to solving problems and applying them to real world data to achieve robust, repeatable results.
  • Knowledge of finance is cool – but in no way a requirement.