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Looking for a Creative Tableau Developer who performs data visualization, data analysis, and drives business intelligence using the Tableau Platform.


  1. Need to have a valid EAD – OPT / CPT from Jan 2022
  2. Portfolio is a must showcasing their creative work
  3. Telco domain is a plus

The candidate should have a strong interest in understanding the Telecom business model in particular and a passion for data in general. The responsibility of the developer filling up the role is visualization of operational, spatial and network data to help solve complex business problems. They must have a proven track record of driving business decisions by providing actionable insights based on data.

The candidate must be willing to work in an interdisciplinary field, together with data scientists, business executives, telecom leaders and engineers, and will require excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Technical Skills:

  • Able to build visually-stunning and interactive dashboards
  • Able to manipulate and blend data in order to design dashboards and visualization
  • Proficiency in analytics and database querying tools
  • Extensive experience in developing and managing dashboards and reports in Tableau
  • Excellent analytical skills to forecast and predict trends and insights using past and current data
  • Knowledge of data architecture, data modeling, data mapping, data analysis, and data visualization
  • Enterprise-level experience in data presentation through various bars/charts/models/dashboards
  • Sound knowledge and experience in Excel, PL/SQL, ETL, and Tableau platform
  • Technical knowledge of Tableau Products
  • Knowledge of data migration, Tableau integration, and extensions


  • Develops, maintains, and manages a BI system by utilizing Tableau software.
  • Understanding business requirement and plan solution to address data needs
  • Prepare reports using various visualization and data modeling methods
  • Define new KPIs and consistently measure in the datasets
  • Collecting data from various data sources and normalize it
  • Test and publish dashboards and reports and schedule refresh
  • Define access controls and implement security measures whenever required
  • Drill-down data and prepare reports with utmost accuracy
  • Creating wireframes and beta dashboards with a focus on user experience, correctness, and visibility
  • Improve overall process in data management, collection, dashboard design, and entire product life-cycle
  • Apply algorithms and statistical methods to obtain answers from data
  • Solving any data or performance issues related to workbooks and data sources
  • Monitoring reports and dashboards and make necessary changes
  • Manage Tableau-driven implementations, architecture, and administration
  • Actively manage the performance and usability of Tableau to get the desired result