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Paid Summer Ministry Positions with YouthWorks

We know your summer matters and we want you to be a part of something bigger! For 28 years, YouthWorks has equipped summer staff to engage in Christ-centered service that leaves a lasting impact. Through our paid summer staff ministry positions, you’ll leadgrowinspire, and serve while facilitating mission trips for teenagers. As you live in a new community for the summer, you will… 


  • Develop into a leader who can confidently lead small and large groups through service opportunities, engage others across generations, and delegate tasks 
  • Grow personally, professionally, and spiritually as you gain new skills and draw closer to God through all of the life-changing moments and challenges 
  • Inspire others as you engage with teenagers, help them experience God in a whole new way, and make an impact in the community you serve 
  • Serve through respectful service that partners with communities in humility and friendship, as you lead teenagers and their youth leaders through a healthy mission trip experience 

Do you want to spend your summer making a real impact? Apply to be a YouthWorks Summer Staff to begin your journey. The first 50 to apply and get hired will receive a bonus of $1,000 for the summer!


        Community Service Coordinator: Manage partnerships with social service organizations. Confirm and implement weekly service schedules provided by YouthWorks. Coordinate logistics, including assigning volunteers to service sites and executing back-up plans when needed. Travel to service sites to serve alongside youth, Adult Leaders and community contacts. Help teenagers see the impact of their service as they are taken out of their comfort zones and see Jesus in new ways. 

       Utility Support Coordinator: Utility Support Coordinators are equipped to take on multiple positions and to offer support and encouragement to staff teams. While serving in a variety of areas, they will coordinate daily service activities and see students impacted as they experience Christ through service. Staff must be flexible and willing to adapt to changing roles and locations. Utility Support Coordinators may begin the summer temporarily assigned to a specific community, however, at any point during the spring or summer, they may be permanently placed with a team to fill an open position. 

       Work Projects Coordinator: Build meaningful relationships in a community while meeting tangible needs. Help youth engage in the community by leading work crews in painting, yard work and minor projects. YouthWorks will provide training in partnering with community members, setting up and completing projects and managing crews throughout the day. Invite participants to come alongside the community to make a lasting impact. 

**We have a small number of sites where we do more advanced projects such as flooring and drywall. Please note on your application if you have experience in more elaborate home repair projects. 

Site Director Responsibilities 

  • Oversee a team of at least two coordinators 
  • Facilitate respectful mission trip experiences while you provide authentic leadership 
  • Manage and participate in the overall operations and programming of a site, including meal preparation, behind-the-scenes tasks and large group programming 
  • Provide leadership for Adult Leaders and help them process their mission week. 
  • Develop meaningful relationships as you act as a liaison between YouthWorks and the community. 
  • Oversee finances and budgeting  
  • Maintain the overall spiritual focus of the mission site. 
  • Play a key role in connecting teenagers to God, each other and communities.  

Team Tasks/Roles: 

  • Engage in respectful service and regularly communicate with community partners 
  • Engage throughout the day with churches, including youth and Adult Leaders 
  • Facilitate devotions and upfront evening programming and worship* 
  • Lead a team of students in meal preparation, respectful service, and various activities 
  • Site preparations including inventory, shopping and confirming service schedule 


  • Must be 18 years of age or older, and one-year post-high school or equivalent 
  • Staff must be able to conduct various physical and strenuous tasks safely. Tasks include, but are not limited to, lifting and carrying up to 60 pounds, directing participants in meal preparation, and safely operating YouthWorks vehicles. 
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills 
  • Leadership experience preferred 
  • Model servant leadership 
  • Actively pursuing a relationship with Christ & ability to facilitate a ministry focused environment 
See our website for more detailed information about qualifications.


  • $4,500 + $1,000 Signing Bonus + YouthWorks covers the cost of food, housing, and work related on transportation
  • $150 Bonus for qualified guitar, piano, or ukulele players who help facilitate worship on site* 


Dates of Employment: 

  • The dates for summer employment are May 19th-August 2nd, 2023 
  • Staff must reside in assigned community for the duration of the summer. YouthWorks will provides housing, food, and transportation costs while on site.


For more information, see our website. We are currently hiring for the 2023 summer season. Apply fast, as we have limited positions available. 


To Apply, please visit YouthWorks.Com/Summer-Staff 



Phone: 877-249-9904