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The Sourcing Specialist will report to a Director in the Sourcing Division within The Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) as a member of one of three sourcing groups: Clinical, Non-Clinical or Capital Equipment. Depending on placement, this position will be responsible for executing against a sourcing strategy for (1) capital equipment, (2) clinical products, or (3) non-clinical items and purchased services, all across a range of different types of contracts. The Sourcing Specialist will engage in day to day sourcing activities including, but not limited to, drafting and negotiating contracts, supporting the monitoring of contract performance, contributing to the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, developing, evaluating and managing vendor relationships and implementing contracts with end users. The Sourcing Specialist is additionally responsible for conducting benchmarking activities, reviewing industry best practices, analyzing corporate spend and collaborating in cross-functional teams to achieve cost savings, increase quality, and build and maintain a competitive portfolio of pricing for capital equipment, clinical products, non-clinical items, and purchased services. The Sourcing Specialist will, as appropriate, collaborate with the Divisions of Analytics and Value Analysis within the JHHS Supply Chain Department. Area specific responsibilities may include reviewing buy vs. lease analysis and conducting total cost of ownership reviews (e.g., cost of consumables and service agreements should be reviewed in the capital purchase process). The Sourcing Specialist will also assume a major role in the actual drafting of contracts through the use of templates and other guidance and training provided to them by JHHS Supply Chain Department Contract Managers and in coordination (as appropriate) with the JHHS Legal Department. The process of sourcing clinical products, non-clinical items and purchased services, and capital equipment and related services should at all times be aligned with the vision for the future of Supply Chain, namely, sourcing the best quality products at the best price, treating customers with service orientation and focusing on supply chain excellence internally.