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This position can be filled in the following locations: Sacramento, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

Job Description And Duties

Under general direction of the Project and Program Supervisor, the analyst will advise and assist high-level decision-makers such as Commissioners, Judges, and Energy Division management. The analyst may act as a team leader, facilitator and project coordinator on decision making processes and as a liaison for Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) entities. The analyst will evaluate and make recommendations regarding how the CCAs and ESPs will achieve the clean energy and reliability targets under different market conditions. The analyst will coordinate with a number of proceedings across the Commission and with other state agencies, including Renewable Portfolio Standard, Integrated Resource Planning, Resource Adequacy, Power Charge Indifference Adjustment and Provider of Last Resort. The analyst develop analysis for and make recommendations in the policy-setting rulemakings via a wide range of work products and/or oversee implementation of programs that result from these CPUC and legislative processes.

Department Information

Energy | Energy Costs and Retail Choice Branch | Retail Choice Section:

Energy Division’s Retail Choice section advises the Commission and provides technical expertise and implementation oversight on policies and regulations related to Community Choice Aggregation and Direct Access, which play a central role in implementing the state’s goals in meeting carbon emission reduction targets, maintaining system reliability

Since the launch of energy market restructuring, California has enabled customer choice for providing electricity. The growth of Community Choice Aggregation has led to significant changes in the energy market. These market changes require the Commission to reconsider the regulatory rules to ensure that state can meet its reliability requirements and greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.