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Numerica’s Research Scientists excel at developing state-of-the art algorithms and software that solve scientific problems with real-world applications. Working in small innovative teams, our research scientists build solutions that make a difference. Our research endeavors don’t end once we’ve written a journal or conference paper describing our technology; rather, our work is complete when our technology has been deployed in mission-critical systems and our customers within government and industry are successful. As science fiction writer Arthur Clarke wrote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Therefore, Numerica is seeking talented “magicians” to join in our common struggle of expanding the boundary of what’s possible.


A Research Scientist at Numerica should possess an M.S. or Ph.D. in Applied or Computational Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Controls and Dynamical Systems, Statistics and Probability, or a related field.

A Research Scientist should have a record of academic excellence, including demonstrated experience in most of the following areas:

  • Applied Mathematics: differential equations, linear algebra, numerical analysis, and continuous or discrete optimization;
  • Engineering: controls, estimation theory, digital signal processing, and machine learning;
  • Scientific Computing: software design, algorithm implementation, and software analysis, testing, and optimization;
  • Probability: statistics and random processes.

A Research Scientist should have effective written and verbal communication skills, with the demonstrated ability to convey salient details about advanced technology in a compelling manner to both experts and non-experts alike.​

What You Will Do:

  • Contribute to the direction of a talented small team with your expertise and ideas;
  • Create mathematically principled solutions to some of the world’s most challenging information science problems;
  • Prototype state-of-the-art algorithms in an agile development environment;
  • Implement high-performance software spanning the spectrum from tactical systems to web applications;
  • Use high-fidelity modeling and simulation environments, innovative analysis tools, and flexible compute clusters to quantify the benefit of our technology;
  • Engage with our customers, to ensure successful outcomes for their mission-critical needs;
  • Help your colleagues and customers understand what you’re doing and why.


Due to the nature of the work performed at Numerica, all applicants must be capable of obtaining a U.S. Security Clearance. At a minimum, this requires that a candidate be a U.S. citizen with a personal history indicating trustworthiness, reliability, and sound judgment (e.g., clean criminal record, no use of illegal drugs, etc.).

Numerica is an equal opportunity employer.