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About the Position: The incumbent will join a multi-disciplinary team of engineers, scientists and technicians from CRREL, ERDC, other government agencies, industry, universities, and non-federal laboratories currently conducting frozen ground and Arctic engineering. CRREL conducts a wide variety of work for Department of Defense (DoD), other U.S. federal agencies, state agencies, and industry. Applications include:


·        Frozen ground engineering and construction: provide research, investigation and engineering for constructing vertical and horizontal infrastructure on permafrost terrain.

·        Permafrost characterization: lead and perform field surveys utilizing surface based geophysics to ascertain extent and type of frozen ground, make recommendations for effective design of infrastructure on frozen ground, conduct forensic investigations to ascertain cause and develop remediation plans for infrastructure affected by thaw settlement and/or heaving soils.

·        Arctic civil engineer: provide research, investigation and engineering for construction and operation of infrastructure related to Arctic and Antarctic installations. Including advances in energy efficiency and production, mechanical freezing technologies, and snow/ice engineering. 


Any interested civil, geotechnical, geological, geologist, mechanical or electrical engineer/scientist should have completed (or be near completing) requirements for a BS, MS, or Ph.D. Over time, the incumbent will use their CRREL project experience to develop competitive proposals with customers and create spinoff opportunities.