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Employer: California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) – Office of Ratepayer Advocates

Expires: 09/05/2021

Under the supervision of the Program and Project Supervisor, the analyst will assist senior analysts to participate in numerous proceedings, including rural communications services general rate cases, phone and broadband services public purpose programs, policy development to further broadband access and adoption in California, and customer protections to ensure communications services work during an emergency.The analyst will assist senior analysts to conduct quantitative and qualitative analyses, develop policy recommendation, conduct technical, analytical, and policy research to make evidence-based recommendations for regulatory issues and challenges. The analyst will be expected to write comments on Commission proceedings, develop PowerPoint presentations to present to internal and external stakeholders, participate in hearings, and work well independently and as part of a team. These analyses and proposals would affect California telecommunication customers, especially those in the LifeLine program and help the Public Advocates Office carry its mission.The Customer Programs Section is currently working on a range of topics, including:Developing customer protections on communication services for people with disabilities, people who are incarcerated, low-income households and other disadvantaged and marginalized communities to advance social justice.Developing policy recommendations to close the digital divide and ensure safe and reliable phone and broadband services for all Californians.Participating in General Rate Cases (GRC) for Small Rural Telephone Companies to ensure customer protections of phone and broadband services in rural areas, developing just and reasonable rates for customers.Developing policy recommendations to achieve affordable broadband services, particularly for low-income customers in rural areas and increase broadband adoption.Carrying out these functions entails the following:Developing and applying standard solutions, approaches and methodologies.Collecting, synthesizing, modeling, and analyzing data (quantitative and qualitative).Using spreadsheets and other quantitative tools.Developing evidence-based recommendations.Present research, analysis, findings, and recommendations orally and in writing.Write high-quality protests, testimony, and comments related to general rate cases, other proceedings (e.g., complaints, applications, investigations, rulemakings, workshops, and committee meetings), advice letters and other utility filings.Attend and represent the Public Advocates Office at intra-agency and inter-agency conferences, workshops, and public meetings concerning issues of utility rates and service, proposed new and federal regulations, public-purpose programs, and other related issues.Testify in evidential hearings and coordinates with attorneys on litigation strategy and cross-examination questions.Participate in settlement negotiations.Assist in developing presentations for the Public Advocates Office management and Commissioners’ offices.Respond to requests for assistance from the Public Advocates Office management and Commissioners’ offices.Department InformationPublic Advocates Office, Customer Programs Section / Communications and Water Policy Branch:The Public Advocates Office at the California Public Utilities Commission represents residential and small business interests to ensure customers receive safe and reliable utility services at the lowest possible rates. We participate in Commission proceedings and processes including workshops, rulemakings, investigations, hearings, utility filings and other forums.The Customer Program Section in the Communications and Water Policy (CWP) Branch represents customers’ interests on issues related to phone and broadband services including achieving universal access to these essential services that are safe, reliable, and affordable.The recent COVID-19 pandemic, deenergization events and emergency disasters such as wildfires has accelerated the states efforts to address growing disparities between people who have access to affordable communications services and those who do not.The Customer Programs Section works on multiple communications services public purpose programs that provide customer protections and support to Californians most in need including support for communication services for low-income households, communications devices for people with disabilities, and developing policies to achieve just and reasonable phone and broadband services for Californians in rural areas and tribal communities.Join a team of professionals working on these critical communications services issues to seek customer protections for all Californians.Please visit for more information on the Public Advocates Office.