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The Program Director develops and oversees Mt. Diablo Center’s program content in accordance with the needs of participants, their families, Community Based Adult Services requirements and Title 22 ADHC regulations. Some of the functions include:

1. Conduct ongoing evaluation of the program and formulate adjustments to the Mt. Diablo Center program to meet participant needs and program regulations.

2. Responsible for scheduling and coordinating MDC’s person centered care programs and employees.

3. Coordinate all team members of the program in the delivery of services. (Social Workers, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Dietitian, RN’s, Program Supervisors and staff).

4. Meet regularly with staff to discuss current program and participant issues.

5. Hire, supervise, train and complete performance evaluations of those employees and volunteers under her/his supervision.

6. Assist with activity program planning when necessary; work with Activity Coordinator to coordinate maintenance therapies within the activities calendar; help with activities and special events.

7. Responsible for ensuring the nursing department is in compliance with state agencies reporting requirements (i.e. reporting of emergencies, participant incidents etc.).

8. Ensure all mandatory in service staff trainings are scheduled, coordinated and provided on a timely and consistent basis.

9. Responsible for developing and monitoring the budget for MDC in conjunction with the Controller.

10. Update and maintain policies and procedures as they pertain to our Adult Day Health Care programs. Be familiar with the disaster plan, review annually and ensure all employees know their specific responsibilities.

11. Participate in the development, implementation and reporting of grants

12. Maintain the maintenance therapy records for all participants to ensure regulations are met.

13. Review charting with staff and therapy contractors to ensure accuracy and compliance.

14. Assist in monitoring medical record / charts for accuracy and completeness; review and resolve utilization findings.

15. Responsible for contract therapists, paperwork and yearly update of all contract services.

16. Act as the representative for the Federal Food Program and monitor the food services contract.

17. Attend Management Meetings and company events.

18. Support all Choice in Aging fundraising and special events.

Minimum Qualifications:

The program director shall be a qualified professional in the field of nursing, social work, psychology or recreational, occupational or physical therapy with demonstrated or potential competence in working with the impaired, elderly living at home. The director shall be knowledgeable of physical, social and mental health programs operating within a licensed health facility or clinic. The director shall have no other duties than those related to adult day health care and during those hours shall not be included in the staff ratios of any other licensed facility.

The program director position qualifications, eliminating the need to submit program flexibilities for this position. The program director is a person with both of the following:

One of the following backgrounds:

(A) A person with a bachelor’s degree and a minimum of two years of experience in a management, supervisory, or administrative position.

(B) A person with a master’s degree and a minimum of one year of experience in a management, supervisory, or administrative position.

(C) A registered nurse with a minimum of two years experience in a management, supervisory, or administrative position.

The duties of the program director shall include:

(1) Developing the program in accordance with the needs of the participants served.

(2) Implementing and coordinating the program.

(3) Evaluating the participant’s changing needs and making necessary program adjustments.

(4) Supervising employees and volunteers.

Monday-Friday (Closed on all major holidays)

Salary: $58,000-65,000.00

Job Type: Full-time