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Start Date: Summer 2022 

Public Impact is a national education management consulting firm based in Chapel Hill, N.C. Our mission is to improve education dramatically for all students, especially low-income students, students of color, and other students whose needs historically have not been well met. We are a team of professionals from many backgrounds, including former teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators. We conduct research to understand what leads to better outcomes, and we develop and implement innovative solutions to create dramatic improvements for children. We apply our research and solutions by advising leading philanthropists, designing and implementing new initiatives in partnership with public schools and districts, and advising other change agents in education. We partner with teachers and other leaders to implement changes that will help the students they serve.

Major current areas of work include management and policy changes in these areas:

  • Teachers and leaders: extending the reach of excellent educators and teams through Opportunity Culture, teacher-leadership, career paths, pay, residencies, selection, evaluation, and system leadership.
  • School turnarounds, excellent diverse schools, school success measurement, data analytics, and other topics.
  • Charter school excellence, innovation, authorizing, and growth of excellent organizations.
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Role: Consultants work on and lead teams or sub-teams facilitating Opportunity Culture school transformations, using Multi-Classroom Leadership and other innovative roles for educators. Most team members work on other projects, as well, including school turnarounds and school success measurement. Work involves contributing to client projects in multiple ways, such as: helping educators plan and implement Opportunity Culture and school turnaround models; facilitating professional learning opportunities for teachers and teacher leaders; conducting research; helping to advise state policymakers; producing field-leading written products in education policy and management; making client presentations; helping schools, foundations, and others design new programs and policies and organize stakeholders; and participating in and eventually leading project teams.

Consultants should expect to:

  • Participate in and later (typically within one year of joining the team) lead collaborative, diverse client/colleague project teams of increasing size and complexity.
  • Consult with educators and other leaders to design and implement Opportunity Culture and other nation-leading reforms, with significant guidance from Public Impact teammates.
  • Present Public Impact’s work accurately and influentially, in writing and speaking.
  • Produce excellent technical work that impacts the field positively.
  • Conduct quantitative and qualitative research.


  • Consultant I: 10+ years of teaching or other relevant school-based, service-oriented experience and demonstrated leadership competencies, OR
  • 2-5+ years of relevant experience and 3+ years of leadership/support role such as instructional coach, department chair, or similar, OR
  • Formal training in leadership and/or systems change through a graduate degree in Public Policy, management, or policy/management combination; or law.
  • Consultant II: Consultant I qualifications and/or fully-accountable leadership experience such as school administration, Multi-Classroom Leadership, leader of a successful program, or similar.
  • Education master’s is welcome but not required.
  • Has led others to make specific changes (through formal or informal leadership role).
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate in teams with diverse members.
  • Demonstrated ability to influence a wide variety of people and engage with others positively.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and implement change or improvement, with a bias for impact.
  • Eager to give and receive feedback to produce outstanding work.
  • Delighted to juggle multiple, demanding projects.
  • Able to interpret research with level-headed, critical eye and grasp major concepts in field.
  • Able to communicate complex ideas simply. Strong communicator through written and verbal work.                                

Location: Work from a combination of home and Chapel Hill, N.C area office; or may reside in Charlotte, N.C. area; elsewhere in U.S. near major airport considered. Travel by plane and car required; must have reliable car; travel typically one to four times/month. Our team is working remotely/from home until COVID-19 trends significantly improve.

Starting Pay Ranges: Consultant I – $60,000-$68,000; Consultant II – $68,000-$78,000; with average 8-10% firmwide annual bonus for both

Position Classification: Full-time; Permanent; Exempt

TO APPLY: Please complete the online application and attach the following:

  1. Resumé
  2. Cover letter, including a description of why you are interested in working at Public Impact
  3. Two writing/work samples of your choosing that best demonstrate the skills, mindsets, and/or contributions you have achieved in previous work, school, or extracurricular experiences that you would bring to our team. The writing/work samples may include submissions such as a lesson/project plan, memo, academic paper, published work such as a blog post or article, a video recording of a presentation/talk/meeting, or any other submission that you feel would benefit our hiring team in understanding your potential to contribute to Public Impact’s mission.