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Our Mission

At DeepScribe, everything we do is focused on our mission: to bring the joy of care back to Medicine. Our goal is to empower physicians with the tools they need to improve both efficiency and efficacy, and to improve patient outcomes by increasing the trust and understanding they have with their physician. Our first product, an AI medical scribe, mimics near-human level intelligence by parsing through medical conversations and creating detailed visit summaries for physicians. With this ambient scribe technology, we have been able to save physicians up to 3 hours a day. 

What you’ll do

Our AI-Scribe has recently gone viral in the field of healthcare, leading to rapid growth in every aspect of the business – customer-base, product offering, team, and healthcare footprint. We’re going from a radical idea to a mature offering, which means redesigning, rethinking, and rebuilding to enable this next chapter. You’ll help explore new research ideas to build new models as well as work with our ML team to improve our current ones. You’ll receive excellent mentorship from our brilliant senior engineers on the ML team on not only how to develop and train robust models but also on how to deploy them in the product.

Your impact

  • Improve the efficiency of our human-in-the-loop component and the accuracy/efficacy of our data-labeling arm with active learning
  • Benchmark different state of the art training techniques to improve training speed and DeepScribe KPIs
  • Build and iterate on models in the standard scientific python libraries (PyTorch, Scikit-learn, NumPy, SciPy)
  • Take trained models and build useful infrastructure around them to allow them to be easily deployed and experimented with by other engineers
  • Constantly perform deep analyses on how our models are performing as our user-base of both patients and doctors grows and translate those findings into both the product and ML roadmap

Your Experience

  • You are working towards your MS or Ph.D. or are in your final year of undergraduate studies in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics with extensive coursework in Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Outstanding past projects, publications, and presentations, and a demonstrated ability to communicate results
  • Ability to quickly prototype with practical algorithms and write high-quality code in a programming language
  • Intellectual Curiosity: Not just interested in solving the current problem-at-hand but constantly thinking about big-picture paradigm shifts in healthcare and constantly experimenting + laying the foundation to define what the future looks like
  • Excited about Disruption: The healthcare landscape is ripe for change, but it requires grit, relentless motivation, and willingness to dive deep into clinical workflows to drive change

Salary, compensation, and benefits

  • $6,000 – $9,000 per month 
  • Work from home stipend
  • Opportunity to come back full time
  • Internship must be a minimum of 12 we