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Biocellion is an innovative social purpose corporation that develops virtual cell models and uses high-performance computing to simulate complex multicellular systems.

Biocellion works with the Cultivated Meat Modeling Consortium (  to revolutionize animal agriculture.  The objective is to displace inhumane farming practices, thereby reducing the negative impact of animal agriculture on the environment while simultaneously meeting the increasing demand for meat. The largest challenge is scaling up the production of primary animal cells in bioreactors.

To facilitate the innovation needed to overcome this challenge, we are developing a hybrid laboratory-computational pipeline that maps a given cell-line, media, and bioreactor design to a prescription for how to grow that cell line using the given media in the bioreactor. Our approach begins with a high-throughput lab using state-of-the-art assays to rapidly characterize cells under perturbations typifying the internal, dynamic environment of reactors.  We will apply this data to parameterize virtual cell models. The cell models are then integrated with fluid dynamics models of the bioreactor to produce a whole-system model. Simulation of the whole-system model for a specific bioprocess predicts the biomass yield. The net effect is to reduce the number of expensive and time-consuming physical experiments needed to scale up production.

The candidate would be responsible for the development of the computational modeling strategy of lab-characterized, virtual cells within the bioreactor environment. Ultimately, the candidate will direct the computational modeling team, develop virtual cell and fluid dynamic models, integrate lab data, and perform simulations. 


  • Ph.D. in computational biology or similar with mastery of computational and numerical methods
  • Extensive experience in simulation of biological systems
  • Experience working with cell and molecular biologists
  • Experience integrating biological datasets into computational models 
  • Familiarity with multiple programming/scripting languages
  • Familiarity with statistical methods
  • Familiarity with mechanics and/or biophysics

Preferred candidates would have one or more additional qualifications:

  • Experience in cross-disciplinary teams
  • Experience in modeling biophysical systems
  • Experience in programing with c++ and/or c
  • Experience in machine learning 
  • Familiarity in image analysis
  • Familiarity in computational fluid dynamics
  • Familiarity with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Familiarity with the use of bioreactors for cell amplification or fermentation; otherwise, basic understanding of engineering unit operations.


Team interaction:

  • Will be guided by the Chief Science Officer
  • Provide the technical staff of modelers with support and guidance
  • Will work closely with the laboratory and high-performance computing teams
  • May interface with customers

Our Culture:

Biocellion is a social purpose corporation. We believe that if we prioritize our purpose, profit and growth will follow. This guiding principle empowers us to take the risks necessary for truly creative work. It also calls us to organize a little differently. To maximize our purpose’s potential, we distribute decision-making and autonomy throughout the organization. There are no managers at Biocellion. Instead, we look for people who communicate with directness and transparency, execute despite ambiguity, and prioritize building trusting relationships with peers. New ideas are always emerging. Finding the critical path requires all of us to work as fluidly and effectively as we can with colleagues around the world.


  • Early-stage start-up
  • Ground-floor equity

Location: Greater Seattle

Start Date:  Mid-2022