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Employer: DHS – Immigration & Customs Enforcement – National Recruitment Team

Expires: 06/04/2021

This job will close when we have received 200 applications which may be sooner than the closing date.As a Management and Program Analyst (Systems Liaison), you will perform the following duties:Develops detail written material and communication for diverse audiences, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), briefing material, issue papers; and drafting of internal position management policies, procedures, and processes as required.Serves as a system administrator for Table of Organization Position System (TOPS) and the Business Management Office (BMO) SharePoint Tool by managing account permissions, updating profiles, approving access to systems and providing technical support to resolve customer needs.Performs a variety of high-level analytical-driven functions in support of the enterprise position management system, plans, and policies. The work requires monitoring multiple systems (Consolidated Personnel Reporting Online (CPRO), TOPS, Electronic System for Personnel (ESP), BMO SharePoint Tool, and the National Finance Center (NFC) and data from external sources to establish or improve metrics for internal recurring leadership reports.Collaborates with the Office of Human Capital (OHC) Human Resources Operations Center (HROC) and Human Resources Information Technology (HRIT) to ensure consistency amongst the position management and personnel management systems and tools.Responsibilities:Applying analytical and evaluative techniques to the financial and budgetary requirements for use in documents, reports, and briefings;Analyzing basic financial information for the purpose of recommending and/or developing methodology for the efficient use of resources; andAnalyzing information for the purpose of implementing efficient use of resources to provide strategic recommendations to higher level officials and maintain solutions to business and financial issues. ORProviding basic-level analyst and advisory services to management on the evaluation of the effectiveness of programs, operations, and the productivity and efficiency of the management business practices and procedures;Gathering information, identifying and analyzing issues, and developing recommendations to resolve substantive problems of effectiveness and efficiency of work operations in a program or program support setting; andEvaluation of technical financial and budgetary requirements for use in documents, reports, and briefings to enable alignment with budgetary submissions. ORDeveloping the strategy for presenting the budget for important substantive programs;Developing narrative and statistical justification for requested funds;Briefing management officials on the nature of the testimony to be given to fund granting; andDevises and applies innovative criteria to evaluate the progress and cost effectiveness of program plans, goals, and objectives.Assisting in preparing responses to questions, inquiries and requests for information;Planning, organizing, conducting, participating, and maintaining business processes that contribute to effective management control; andAssisting with the management of data analytics life cycle and development of models, tools, dashboards, processes and procedures.