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1. Through cluster discovery, regression analysis, integrated learning, deep learning, complex networks, genetic algorithms and other technologies, establish an algorithm model to mine group behavior characteristics, conduct credit risk assessment and fraud risk detection;

2. Good at mining and modeling high-dimensional, unstructured, network structure and other complex data, able to mine holistic customer characteristics based on Internet big data, and design effective algorithms for customer identification, community discovery and other scenarios;

3. Responsible for the exploration and research of cutting-edge academic algorithm technology, introducing and improving innovative methods to solve unconventional problems.

1. Master degree or above, major in computer science, mathematics, statistics or related majors;

2. Familiar with data mining, probability statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, complex networks, search recommendation, image recognition and other professional knowledge, have experience in related projects, papers, competitions is preferred;

3. In-depth mastery of modelling tools such as Python, SAS, R, etc.;

4. High technical ability, scientific research ability to solve technical difficulties and strong innovation ability;

5. Be proactive, have a pioneering spirit, have a high degree of execution ability, have a sense of responsibility and a good team spirit and cooperation spirit.