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Employer: University of Rochester

Expires: 05/31/2021

The Merigan laboratory in the Advanced Retinal Imaging Alliance in the Center for Visual Science, seeks a Lab Technician to assist with their research projects on vision science. The tech will provide psychophysical training to non-human primates in the Merigan laboratory as well as a variety of research-related tasks. The position will provide the tech with an excellent experience in vision research as well as exposure to advanced neuroscience research at the University of Rochester. Responsibilities in the Merigan Laboratory: The tech will work on a project to test the vision of nonhuman primates. The tech will be trained by an experienced tech associate. Experiments will require the use of personal protective gear and the physical ability to move a non-human primate (less than 25 lbs) into a plexiglas testing chair and transport them to the laboratory. A major responsibility will be to train animals to perform psychophysical tasks while viewing visual stimuli.  Additional job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, general care of laboratory animals, data collection and analysis, record keeping, tracking inventory, ordering supplies, maintaining equipment and lab cleanliness. The tech will work with a computer programmer to identify and resolve issues that arise with the program that runs the experiments. The position requires a willingness to be trained to work with non-human primates, vigilance and attention to detail during animal training sessions, strong organizational skills, and good communication with the lab head and other lab members. Qualifications: AAS or vet tech certification. BS in Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering. Ideally the tech will have common computer skills such as facility with Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Powerpoint..