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The Lab Analyst will be in charge of running trials at the lab. They will also manage some Product Line Extension (PLE) projects and help support the Research Innovation Development (RID) Group.


Primary Responsibilities:

Sample collection and management

  • Collect sample from MTR trials and from pilot lab
  • Prepare samples, label and pack
  • Manage shipment to external labs and customers
  • Manage sample retains of finished products

Botani lab maintenance

  • Ensure equipment is properly maintained and fully operational
  • Ensure the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced (stocks of ingredients and other labware)
  • Is responsible for housekeeping/cleaning

Support RID project portfolio by running lab trials

  • Prepare lab production orders according to trial demands
  • Run trials at the lab
  • Analyze and provide technical reports and conclusions

Manage specific RID projects with support from management

  • Conduct searches on identified topics relevant to the research
  • Run projects on Quality, on Time and at Budget
  • Manage project through RID management tools

Additional duties as assigned