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Junior Data Science – Summer Internship


Level: Intern – Undergraduate

Time Type: Full-time (40 Hours/Week)

Compensation: $30/hour

Location: San Diego, CA. On-site preferred, remote considered.

Start: June 2022


Cleat Street Capital is a sports trading investment firm that leverages proprietary analytics and technology in sports prediction markets. Our mission is to be the most successful proprietary sports investment firm in the world. Learn more at


What We Are Looking For

Cleat Street Capital is looking for a Junior Data Science Intern to help build some of the most innovative predictive sports models in the world. Academic and/or practical background in Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science or Econometrics are particularly relevant for this position. Experience in the integration of model-based engineering tools and/or multidisciplinary analysis and optimization is also a plus.


Role and Responsibilities

This internship will give you hands-on experience in manipulating/transforming sports data, building and understanding event probability distributions, model selection and training, cross-validation, and optimization of predictive sports models to drive profits in sports betting markets.


Common assignments might be 1) modeling the impact of weather patterns on hitting productivity in MLB, 2) allocating rebound probabilities among players in an NBA game, or 3) understanding the impacts of route-running tendencies to the variance of receiving yards in the NFL, then integrating your findings into pricing models to optimize trading decisions.



●     Passion for sports

●     Pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, Computer Science, Data Science or Econometrics or related field

●     Significant experience in R and/or Python

●     Sports analytics experience preferred

●     Experience in Bayesian statistics and machine learning

●     Problem solving ability and love for big data