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Employer: California Department of Housing and Community Development

Expires: 06/28/2021

Job Summary:Under general direction of the Information Technology Manager I, Project Delivery and Governance, the Procurement and Budget Supervisor oversees the management and processing of IT budgeting, procurement and purchasing activities. Responsible for a variety of tasks associated with budget, resource management, and IT strategies to meet departmental goals and support administrative functions of the Information Technology Branch (ITB). Essential Functions:Responsible for cost management, expected to plan, estimate, budget, finance, fund, manage, and control costs to ensure ITB completes projects within the approved budget. Ensure all State policies and guidelines are followed on all IT purchases. Communicate with vendors on complex requests for pricing/quotes or to address pending issues. Review and oversee vendor selections and bids for IT purchase/renewals. Track procurement workflow and document status through completion of the procurement process. Oversee the purchase software licenses and IT related hardware. Ensure maintenance of hardware and software maintenance inventory. Oversee and budget for office supplies for the Information Technology Branch. Review Fi$cal data reported to reconcile with internal tracking for IT related expenditures.Monitor or track project milestones and deliverables to ensure that the project deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality. Ensure all IT purchases are tracked in a centralized budget document; record, track, and audit all planned IT purchasing costs in an internal budget file; code purchases to provide Fi$cal and California Department of Technology reporting data associated with each purchase. Update internal budget file with planned and actual purchasing costs on an ongoing basis. Report to IT management on IT costs for planned and actual IT related purchases. Provide data reporting out to external agencies, i.e., CA Department of Technology (CDT).Support the development and implementation of IT Governance and policy related to IT Asset Management. Oversee the development, implementation and maintenance of an electronic assets inventory tool. Ensure ITB monitors and tracks all IT Assets in an electronic repository tool that reflects both hardware and software asset inventory to ensure all hardware and software inventory is current and accurate. Provide IT Asset Management reports for IT and Executive management. Manage and/or coordinate administrative functions including purchasing, budgeting for the branch.Oversee the use automated tools; develop and track IT staff charging practices to ensure alignment with the Department’s and IT overall Personnel Years and Personnel charges.Plan, organize and direct the work of staff; monitor workload and status. Review activities to determine the most effective and efficient means of performing duties and monitor outputs to ensure timely and accurate completion. Oversee the implementation of duties related to procurement and budget activities. Hire and train staff; prepare probationary and performance reports.Develop written desk procedures and ensure they are updated, maintained and followed including policies, reference exhibits and samples. This involves analysis of current procedures and practices, the State Administrative Manual, Government Code, Management Memos and FI$Cal requirements.Assist with miscellaneous tasks to ensure the functionality of the section and the branch.