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The Investment Management and Liquidity Operations unit of the World Bank Treasury is seeking a data engineering trainee for short-term assignment. The role will report to the unit’s senior data engineer. Duties will revolve around helping with the development of custom data access, integration and analysis tools that support the daily operations of financial portfolio managers.


·        Software development proficiency in multiple languages, including

o   Understanding of basic computer science concepts

o   Aptitude in debugging code written by others.

·        Familiarity with Microsoft Office Object Library.

o   Prefer candidates who have written code to automate MS-Excel and MS-PowerPoint.

·        Proficiency in Structured Query Language (SQL),

o   preferably the Oracle dialect.

o   Prefer candidates who have written code that generates SQL dynamically.

·        Proficiency with using regular expressions for pattern recognition.

·        Experience using APIs for fetching data from vendors.

o   Prefer candidates who have used financial data APIs (e.g. Bloomberg, Yahoo finance)

·        Financial literacy, including understanding investment instruments and accounting principles.

·        Interpersonal skills: aptitude for forming and maintaining professional bonds across roles.

·        Communication skills: ability to produce clear and concise English-language prose for seeking, summarizing, interpreting and explaining business needs across disciplines and skill levels.

·        Initiative: ability to complete assigned tasks conscientiously without detailed instructions.

·        Fast learner: ability to seek relevant new knowledge from others and from published sources, explain it to others, and assimilate it into work planning.


·        Learning portions of our existing front-end code base of about 9,000 lines of Visual basic for Applications (VBA) to debug, maintain and extend specific modules.

·        Exploring the World Bank Group’s extensive and evolving data ecosystem, with a view to be able to locate and acquire any financial inputs requested.

·        Understanding custom database-linked spreadsheets reports used by portfolio managers.

·        Learning the vocabulary, workflows, and performance indicators of portfolio management.


This job listing is aimed at pre-professionals currently enrolled in an elite US-based undergraduate degree program in computer science or engineering, or in other fields with a strong quantitative and computational component. The short-term nature of the post allows a 4-week (winter break) or 10-week (Summer break) full-time (40 hours per weeks) commitment. Sponsoring visas for US non-residents attending a US-based university is possible if needed.