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Salary: $115,761 – $137,604 per year

Deadline to apply: 10/06/2021

Ideal candidate: The Director of Communications provides strategic communications support to the County Superintendent of Schools and the agency she leads, the Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO). The Director tells the exciting and important story of SBCEO to the general public and our SBCEO community and stakeholders. By partnering with local, regional, and national print, broadcast, and electronic news media, the Director generates media coverage of the extraordinary people, programs, events and activities that distinguish the County Education Office. The Office of Communications, under the Director’s leadership, is responsible for producing media releases, responding to Public Records Act requests, designing and maintaining the SBCEO website, and publishing the “Keeping In Touch” newsletter about the SBCEO community. The Director serves as an effective spokesperson for SBCEO, establishes and maintains a significant social media presence, and prepares the Superintendent for media interviews. The ideal candidate will have experience as a journalist or in media relations, demonstrate exceptional creativity and writing skills, model cultural responsiveness and political awareness and sensitivity, show initiative, and support the Superintendent as a thought leader in K-12 education.

The position: Under the direction of the County Superintendent of Schools, develops, organizes, reviews, and disseminates internal and external information pertaining to various County Education Office events, activities, programs, policies and initiatives. Ensures an accurate portrayal of the work of the County Education Office and the professionalism of materials that emanate to the public from departments office wide. Produces radio and television programs and helps maintain the Office’s presence on social media. Manages the Communications Department, including public information, the webmaster, and the reprographics department. Fosters cooperative and positive relationships with the media and external groups.